GSP’s Team Goes 0-2 As James Vick KO’s “Irish” Joe Duffy | UFC 217 Results

Fight fans have poured into the Madison Square Garden Arena in New York for tonight’s UFC 217. Former UFC welterweight champion George St-Pierre will be making his octagon return in the night’s main event, after being away from the UFC for nearly four years. In one of the three exciting title fights of the night, “Rush” will be going toe-to-toe with UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping.

In the featured preliminary match of the night, lightweights James Vick and Joseph Duffy put on a war for the New York crowd.

In the opening round, James Vick put on a swift pace as he landed a few tough leg kicks on his opponent. Duffy responded with a few kicks of his own, before being stuck with a hard jab from his opponent.

Vick continued to keep his opponent at bay with a series of jabs. Duffy was able to catch one of Vick’s kicks and bring the fighter momentarily to the ground. Back on his feet, Vick was eventually able to get Duffy in the clinch. There, Vick delivered a few powerful knees to the body of the fighter. Still, neither competitor was able to bring an end to their opponent. This fight was set for another round.

Round two opened up with Duffy landing a solid body kick. Vick continued to utilize his jab, as Duffy seemed to slow down his pace just slightly.

Duffy began to land more kicks to the body of his opponent, but still seemed hesitant in his striking. With 40 seconds left in the second round, both fighters began to slow. However, Vick quickly exploded with a stunning strike that dropped Duffy. Capitalizing on the moment, Vick earned a TKO over his opponent.

UFC Results: James Vick def. Joseph Duffy via TKO in round 2