UFC Fighters React To Covington Going From Internet Tough Guy, To Pressing Charges Against Werdum … And They’re Clowning Him

Yesterday, when video surfaced of Fabricio Werdum assaulting Colby Covington, no one expected Covington to actually press criminal charges.

For Colby, a man who’s starting to build a name for himself on his ability to be a complete asshole, pressing charges really kind of goes against the persona he’s been portraying.

Covington is definitely the UFC’s biggest and most outspoken tough guy on Twitter. No one is safe from his wrath, and he’s grown into a bit of a household name as a result.

Recently, he stepped off Twitter and at UFC Fight Night from Sao Paulo, he started talking smack about Brazil, while in Brazil, after just beating Brazilian BJJ legend Demian Maia… And that’s where all the drama with Werdum stemmed from.

Here’s the UFC fighter reactions, and no one lets him off the hook for turning on his character, in favor of a snitch.

Did Colby just commit career suicide?