Insider Reveals Intimate Details Of Conor vs. Irish Mob Feud, And Conor’s Real-Life Consequences Of Going To War

Though conspiracy theorists and tin-foil hat wearers still hold out hope that all these Conor McGregor vs. Irish Mob feud reports are false, we’re still contending that the multiple eye-witness accounts, and Conor McGregor’s cryptic video are evidence that they’re very real. And, apparently there may be some real-life consequences for Conor McGregor, for proclaiming war against Ireland’s most notorious crime family.

When was first to report on Conor McGregor’s Dublin bar fight, with a known associate of Ireland’s Kinahan gang, we did so with corroborating social media posts from people who were at the pub, one of which was photo evidence that McGregor was really there that night.

What happened next stumped our editorial staff though, because the multiple eye-witnesses, all of them, one-by-one reached out to us in a panic, asking us to please omit them from the story out of fear.

This only got our wheels spinning more…

Why was everyone so afraid of what they willingly put out on various public platforms? And why did they all of a sudden delete their posts?

Well, as we continued to dig deeper in conversations with some of the witnesses from that night, and helped ease their minds by trading in their reports for anonymous statements, the truth became pretty interesting.

So we dug, and dug, and dug some more until finally we got in touch with someone who would provide us with the details we wanted.

Though speaking to MMAimports in complete anonymity, we got the whole scoop about what happened that night, and many nights before in a separate incident, why Conor is going up against the crime family of Ireland, and what that could potentially mean for the UFC mega-star.

The anonymous insider dished  details we could not make up, and the people involved we have since verified are real and connected. It’s a very compelling story about Conor’s love and loyalty for a longtime friend and what he’s willing to do to stand up for him.

“The guy Conor punched at the Black Forge Inn is named Ryan,” said the anonymous insider. “Ryan has two very important friends around here in two brothers named the Timmins brothers.”

“The Timmins brothers have been messing with Conor’s longtime friend named Andy, Andy is also involved with the Kinahan gang too,” he continued.

“A lot of people don’t know this, and no one is really talking about it, but Conor already had a run-in with the Timmins brothers a couple of weeks ago, and he beat them both up pretty handily, over his loyalty to Andy. Andy was present for this first incident, and well [pauses], I say it was a beating, but it wasn’t like he hospitalized the brothers or anything. Andy was involved in the scuffle too. They won, the Timmins lost, but it wasn’t really bad.

“So back to Sunday night, Ryan was at the pub and he was talking shit and defending the Timmins brothers, and that’s why Conor beat him up too, on Sunday night.

“While scuffling with Ryan, Conor also hit the father of Graham Whelan. Now, Whelan has a reputation. He’s supposedly a hitman for the Kinahan gang and not someone to be taken lightly.

“Are you following this, because I’m only going to say it once,” our insider said.

“This shit’s crazy. So, Conor is beating up Kinahan gang members, in defense of his friend Andy who is also affiliated with Kinahan.

“That’s really Conor’s saving grace, because these issues are not going to divide the Kinahan gang. They’re too strong of an organization for that. And though Conor is fighting with Kinahan guys, he’s doing it for Andy, a Kinahan guy.

“Now, it is possible that Graham will not be able to let Conor’s assault of his dad go without some sort of payment. And though it appears as if Conor struck Graham’s dad by accident, Graham has a reputation for just not giving a fuck, and could try some recourse.

“But will Graham pull rank and try to go after Conor? I don’t know. From what I know, if anyone is going to make Conor pay for what is going on, it won’t be Graham, it will be Graham’s boss, and it will likely involve money and not much else.”

“Conor is pretty loved around here, so it’s hard to say what’s next. But, that’s the story. That’s all I know.”

Here’s some key members of the Kinahan gang:

Some of the key figures UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor is being linked to.

(Left to right) Top: Gary Hutch, Gerry ‘The Monk’ Hutch, Derek ‘Del Boy’ Hutch Bottom: Daniel Kinahan, Christy ‘Dapper Don’ Kinahan, ‘Fat’ Freddie Thompson

Conor McGregor is the UFC lightweight world champion. He is the first man in UFC history to ever hold two division world titles at the same exact time. The UFC mega-star has been running amuck as of late, after receiving a reported $100 Million for his loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

It should be noted, that our insider, while he seems credible, as does his testimony, only talked to us after we agreed to keep him anonymous.

When a world-wide mega star and a notorious crime family are in a feud, people get scared to come forward on record. Especially for a small community like Dublin, where news travels fast and people with name recognition are widely known.

You can take his testimony with whatever grains of salt you should so desire, but after vetting him we deemed him credible enough to run with this story, yet again, when most aren’t touching it.

UFC President Dana White has recently stated that he’s unsure if these reports are true, but tends to believe they are not. The UFC boss, having dealt with Boston Mafia in his younger days, is hopeful Conor can keep out of trouble if the reports turn out to be accurate.

Just as recently as yesterday, Dana White revealed that another sports star once assaulted a mob member, and said that it was worked out.

“It can’t be a good thing for Conor [if true] . . . I’m sure it can be worked out too,” said the UFC boss. “Jake Lamotta’s brother beat the shit out of a wise guy too and they figured it out”