Watch Johny Hendricks Weigh-In, Needs The Towel, Looks Shocked He Made Weight

Former UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks has had a rough time with weigh-ins as of later. Beginning in 2016, Hendricks has missed weight for four of his previous five fights. Getting onto the scales for tomorrow’s UFC 217 event, Hendricks had a message.

Speaking to the reporters in the room, Hendricks said:

“I know y’all are all media, okay. So, I gotta tell you a quick story. So nobody writes negative that ‘Oh, Johny Hendricks tripped, because he missed weight.’ I misjudged last night, that I thought I had some underwear that didn’t weigh anything. Well, I was wrong.

“So instead of losing 1.4 like I should have, I drank up 1.2, which was my fault. So I lost the 1.2, just not for the underwear count. So I should have lost 1.4. I should have drank only 1 pound back. So all you media people, I didn’t miss weight. I just misread the underwear. Okay! No negative. You hear me? No negative.”

After realizing that he actually made weight at 185.8 pounds, Hendricks added:

“All you guys, I actually misread that scale. Somb**ch, I didn’t even have to do that.”

“No negative stories, you hear me? I know where every one of you live.”

Johny Hendricks will face off against Paulo Henrique Costa tomorrow night, Nov. 4, inside the Madison Square Garden Arena in New York at UFC 217, live on pay-per-view.