Werdum Takes Group Photo With The Boomerang That Hit Covington … Wins Today’s Internet

UFC’s Colby Covington has been receiving some serious heat ever since his controversial statement at UFC Fight Night 119 from Sao Paulo. The fighter earned a big win over Brazil’s own Demian Maia during the night’s event. In his post-fight interview, Covington called Brazil a “dump” and the Sao Paulo crowd “filthy animals.” Since then, fighters and fight fans have been voicing their thoughts on the matter.

Things reached a boiling point between Covington and former UFC heavyweight Fabricio Werdum when the two fighters recently crossed paths on the streets of Sydney, Australia. Spotting the fighter, Werdum struck Covington with a boomerang and then punched the fighter. Colby Covington has since decided to press charges against Werdum for the incident.

Now it would appear that Fabricio Werdum has decided to take a group photo with friends while holding the boomerang. The photo has since received huge attention from fight fans, as the picture continues to be spread throughout the mixed martial arts community.

Check out the image down below: