300 Pound Super-Heavyweight Lands Perfect 360 Degree Spinning Tornado Kick

Chris Barnett, better known in MMA circles as “Huggy Bear” is a super heavyweight with featherweight athleticism. That being said, in his recent fight over the weekend, the 300 pound man landed a perfect 360 degree spinning tornado kick.

In the video above, we have highlights of the spectacle, and Barnett took on and defeated Yoon Jae Shim at Road FC 45 on December 23.

He has since gone viral for his spinning sh*t, and one look at the man’s physique and it’s not hard to see why.

His ability to not only throw these moves, but land them as well, make him a must watch attraction for any MMA fan looking for one off scraps outside the normal UFC fight card.

It’s fascinating.

Enjoy the replay! (Above)

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