Beef! Colby Covington Baits Kenny Florian Into Twitter Feud, Then Destroys Him

When it comes to being a Twitter troll, Colby Covington is about as high a level as they come. If they gave away belt ranking for Twitter fighting, he’d be a black belt for sure. Going head-to-head against the UFC welterweight, and you better be prepared to compete with elite-level trolling. Sadly For Kenny Florian, he just tried and failed.

Former two-division UFC title challenger Kenny Florian was just trolled into getting into a Twitter war with UFC welterweight Colby Covington. And though Kenny’s UFC success has seen him rise through the broadcasting ranks as a FOX analyst, those fighting skills didn’t translate over into the world of social media, where Covington reigns supreme.

In a recent post to his Twitter account, Covington baited “Kenflo” into a feud, then quickly besmirched the Boston based retired fighter.

Check it out:

We all know #TwoFaceTyrone @TWooodley, we expect lies from him. But @kennyflorian you were 5-2 and got a title shot because when people squinted it looked like Sean Sherk was fighting Ben Stiller. You know better #SimpleJack

Ah yes, Colby Covington who uses gay slurs, now trying his best to insult referencing people with disabilities. A true class act ladies and gentlemen. Maybe after your lawsuit with Werdum you can find the time for a title shot. Watch out for that boomerang effect.

Oh hi Kenny! I thought you got fired by fox for plagiarizing? Mustve been #fakenews huh? Tell you what, after I beat Tyrone, I give you permission to come out of retirement and lose another title fight. You don’t even have to beat Alex Karalexis, Kit Cope and Sam Stout this time.


For those who are unaware, Florian, not that long ago, lost his seat at the FOX desk and at when he was caught plagiarizing the works of a lesser known analyst.

It took some time, and a public apology, but Florian was eventually reinstated in his regular duties.

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