Beef! Ferguson And Alvarez Trade Cheap Shots On Twitter, And It Gets Ugly Fast

Two men atop the UFC lightweight ladder, Tony Ferguson and Eddie Alvarez have found themselves in the midst of a heated Twitter beef that’s gotten ugly fast.

With Conor McGregor’s lengthy absence from the UFC, the division he’s the champion of is currently in a state of flux.

Now, Tony Ferguson holds interim gold, and Eddie Alvarez is the self proclaimed “Most Violent Man”, and these two are butting heads in a major way.

Recently, the former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez said the UFC belts mean nothing these days, and his most violent man crown means everything. Talking to the media following his knockout of Justin Gaethje, Eddie stated, “I’m the most violent man in the UFC. They can take the No. 1, 2 and 3. I’ll just take that title, and I’ll keep it. I’ve been crowned.”

“We went in to make a point. My performances in the UFC, I’ve been trying to win. Win, win, win. I’ve been so focused on winning that the performance itself wasn’t showing my true colors. We went in here with just the idea of, ‘Just be as violent as we can.’ The byproduct of that would be a win.”

Interim title challenger Tony Ferguson didn’t take kindly to these remarks, and that’s where things too a sharp turn.

Check it out:

My Belt Can Hold More Weight Than Yours Ever Could @Ealvarezfight 10Str8 & All Bloodbaths. I’d Make Up Titles Too If I Was Sour From Bein’ KO’d By A Featherweight In Title Fight- @Danawhite You Hired A Bunch Of Bitches, I Beat Em’ All #DefendorVacate MF’er ???@thenotoriousmma

I would rip your skinny body apart if I cared to fight you , but I don’t care to fight You soo … Merry Christmas “Champ”

Yes aim for gold always …..Silver not so much .

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