Big John Explains The Rulebook, And Why Female Fighters Don’t Wear Cups

It would appear that veteran MMA referee John McCarthy would like to come forward with some information about a question fight fans have been asking for some time. This time, “Big” John has decided to cover the topic of low blows and the protection fighters require from them.

While mixed martial artists competing under the banner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) are typically at the top of their game, mistakes still happen. For instance, the world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion has suffered its share of low blows inside the octagon. To protect competitors from more severe damage due to these illegal but often accidental strikes, male UFC fighters are required to wear a protective cup during their octagon performances. However, the same can not be said for UFC females.

Female UFC fighters have certainly suffered illegal low blows in the past. Still, female fighters are not required to wear any kind of protective gear inside the octagon. In fact, one of the worst low blows of all time was with former UFC women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm.

Longtime MMA referee John McCarthy, a veteran referee inside the octagon particularly, recently took to social media to clear the air on the subject. Speaking to a questioning fan, McCarthy responded over Twitter with the following message:

“There is a pad that can be worn, but it is not mandatory and most girls do not have or use any type of protection against a groin shot #AskBJM” – Big John McCarthy

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