Big John Messes Up, Touches Bisping’s Raw Cup, Then Uses Same Hand For GSP’s Mouthpiece

Well, this is gross! There was a moment in the UFC 217 main event between Michael Bisping and Georges St-Pierre where Bisping’s jockstrap broke mid-fight. Referee Big John McCarthy picked it up, gave it to Bisping’s corner and they reinserted it down his pants. Later in the fight, GSP lost his mouthpiece, and using the same hand, Big John picked it up and reinserted it back in the mouth of GSP.

Told you it was gross.

However, GSP still walked away with a submission victory over Michael Bisping to earn his second UFC division title.

As history would have it, GSP would go on to break the UFC record for shortest title reign, after vacating the title just 31 days after obtaining it.

Michael Bisping would go on to take a fight three-weeks removed from his submission loss, and lose a second fight inside one month.

Still though, Bisping might take away a bit of satisfaction knowing GSP was on the wrong end of his jockstrap. It’s a fair constellation prize if nothing else.

Check it out:

?? Image credit: Jason Nawara

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