Big John Reveals Shocking Weight D.C. Comes In At On Fight Night

UFC champion Daniel Cormier.

One of Ultimate Fighting Championship’s most dominant champions, Daniel Cormier walked into a bit of controversy when he tipped the scales for his light heavyweight title fight with Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. While he came in overweight, he was able to cut down 1.2 pounds in just two minutes to make the fight official.

Fighters and fans alike were questioning how the obviously rough weight cut would impact Cormier’s performance inside the octagon, but as history would have it D.C. successfully defended his championship title after submitting Johnson in the second round.

Fighters have been cutting weight drastically throughout their careers to a point where it might get dangerous. UFC and nearly every commission have adopted the early weigh-in process, meaning fighters have longer to rehydrate after the bout. This could actually help fighters and Cormier likely used this to his advantage at “UFC 210” as “Big” John McCarthy revealed that he came in weighing 236 pounds on fight night! Check it out:

“[Daniel] Cormier just had his championship fight with “Rumble” Johnson. Now, there was a whole thing about the weight issue there. We’ll say he weighed in and it was 205 [pounds]. He was 236 [pounds] the night of the fight. That’s way too much weight. [I know that because] he was weighed.”

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