High Profile Boxer Defends Gays Against Bigot, Beats His Ass In Public For Homophobic Slurs

Yusaf Mack put on a storied career in boxing during his tenure as a world-class pugilist. Mack obtained multiple regional titles during his career and faced off against several former champions. All in all, Mack earned 31 victories, 2 draws and 8 defeats during his career. That being said, all of Yusaf Mack’s fights did not take place inside the squared circle.

Yusaf Mack enjoying himself at a party

Back in 2015, a video of Yusaf Mack participating in a homosexual pornography film surfaced to the internet. Since then, the former boxer has been receiving prejudice messages from boxing fans concerning his sexual orientation.

One social media user allegedly sent heated messages over the matter to Mack, causing the former boxer to enrage. Mack tracked down the individual to a barber shop, in which a physical confrontation then took place.

Yusaf Mack geared up for a boxing match up

Mack confronted the man within the barber shop, but spared few words. Rather, Mack can be seen physically assaulting the individual. Mack continued to strike the man after taking him to the ground, punching and kicking him under the barber shop counter space.

A video of the confrontation can be seen below.

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