Brock Lesnar’s Daughter Is Growing Up, And She Looks Just Like Her Daddy [Photo Gallery]

Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar keeps his family life private. Outside of his known relationship with fellow WWE star Sable, many don’t even know Brock has a daughter. However, in some new photos we’ve recently dug up, we now know the teenage athlete looks just like her daddy.

Genetics are a crazy thing, and the Brock DNA is strong, apparently. In this photo gallery we take a look at Brock Lesnar’s star athlete daughter Mya Lynn Lesnar, as she’s grown up from a little baby in Sable’s arm, to a true Lesnar elite.

Check it out:

Brock remains a staple at major pro-wrestling events, and his UFC days are likely now behind him. After never testing positive for PED’s in his entire and lengthy career in athletics, Lesnar eventually tested hot after his UFC 200 beating of Mark Hunt. This signaled his exit from the UFC, and likely MMA for good.

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