CM Punk Killer Mickey Gall Involved In Bar Fight, Finishes Two Men At Once

Popular CM Punk killer Mickey Gall was recently involved in a real life street fight, where he beat up two men at the same time. Oddly enough, these men must not of known that Gall was a bonafide UFC fighter with skills to take them out.

In a recent interview with comedian and UFC regular Joey Diaz, (Video above), Mickey explains the incident.

“I was a little drunk and I probably pushed through a little bit. I turned around and two guys squared up with me. I hit the one guy… I drop the one guy. Next thing I know I’m on top of the other guy. And, he’s kind of holding me in a guillatine, especially this mother***er in a Denver bar…

You have to hit play above, because we cannot duplicate the story in text, better than Mickey Gall tells it. However, the UFC welterweight confirms he took both men out.

Now, only if someone was recording the incident. Why isn’t there video of this brawl?

Gall recently suffered his first professional loss when he was defeated by Randy Brown at UFC 217.

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