Dana White Breaks His Silence On Werdum’s Repeated Problems With Bullying Smaller Fighters

From the outside looking in, former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum’s recent run-ins with Tony Ferguson and Colby Covington, might make him look like a bully for picking on much smaller fighters. Now, UFC president Dana White chimes in on the subject for the first time, and he’s not too pleased.

Taking to a recent media event Dana White addressed the issues he’s facing with the Brazilian born fighter, and he wasn’t too positive about the situation.

Werdum was recently seen being escorted out of media day, after threatening and nearly fighting UFC interim lightweight champion Tony Ferguson. Just a couple weeks later and Werdum went viral for throwing a boomerang at the face of UFC welterweight fighter Colby Covington.

Werdum is a heavyweight, and drastically bigger than both fighters he decided to pick on.

You mix that with his seemingly unwillingness to halt the use of homophibic slurs, and it’s a PR nightmare for the world’s largest Mixed Martial Arts promotion.

UFC President Dana White assured the media that he takes these actions very seriously, stating, “No, I don’t laugh, that’s not funny. Believe me, I get it, I get it that Colby disrespected Brazil and all the Brazilian people. I know how Brazilians get about that stuff. You just can’t go around assaulting people, you know? You just can’t do it. It’s bad.”

“[I] do not have a good relationship [with Fabricio Werdum].

“It’s just a continued, this is what this guy does. H e almost fights Tony Ferguson at the media lunch. There’s a laundry list of me and Werdum.

“When I was driving here today to meet you guys, Werdum texted me and said ‘I wanna come out, I wanna meet, I wanna sit down.’ I haven’t been willing to meet with him for a while now. And I texted him back and said ‘let’s do it.’ So me and Werdum are gonna sit down, try to hug and make up.”

Should the UFC boss be so willing to make amends with the biggest bully on his roster, or should a more serious punishment be in order? Remember that old code of conduct thing?

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