The Most Embarrassing Photos The UFC Doesn’t Want You To See

Some embarrassing UFC pictures

The UFC is the world’s leading mixed martial arts organization and as such they have some guidelines they’d like their athletes to follow. However, when you’re dealing with fighters who are tired, hungry, and have big personalities, you’re bound to have some issues. Have a look at 10 pictures the UFC doesn’t want you to see.

10 – In February of 2014, former UFC light heavyweight contender Thiago Silva threatens his wife and holds her hostage. A SWAT team had to be called in to address the situation.

9 – Dana White and Tiki Ghosn take a picture together, which doesn’t seem that abnormal until you see Tiki groping Dana’s junk. The strangest part is his giant smile as he’s being groped.

8 – Former UFC strawweight Angela Magana is known for going viral on social media, but when she posted some provocative partially nude photos to her social media, the UFC wasn’t very happy at all.

7 – Former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson aka “Rampage Jackson” had a photo taken of him in a night club that showed him dancing in front of a girl positioned on her knees.  This was definitely one the UFC would rather have stayed private.

6 – A photo of former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey with one of her friends undoing her belt with her teeth. Not exactly the type of content the promotion wanted from one of their biggest stars.

5 – Former UFC heavyweight contender Matt Mitrione went viral for the eye injury he suffered against Travis Browne. The promotion didn’t want this horrific looking injury being seen by the masses and painting the promotion in a bad light.

4 – The always controversial Jason Miller aka “Mayhem Miller” has had multiple run ins with the police. However, it was his situation in 2014 where he barricaded himself in a house as pictures of his apprehension went viral on social media. If that wasn’t enough, Miller was also live Tweeting the entire situation as the SWAT team surrounded his home.

3 – UFC star Nick Diaz was arrested for his third DUI and the mugshot goes viral. The UFC has enough issues trying to keep the Diaz brothers under control so this was one they would’ve liked to avoid.

2 – UFC Hall of Fame member Chuck Liddell is known for his partying ways, something the promotion would rather he’d keep to himself.

1 – “Rowdy” Bec Rawlings is known for her sexy photos going viral but it was the semi nude photo she posted to her social media.  She had one arm covering her breasts with her middle finger extended. As well as a sign covering her private parts that simply said, “”F*ck feminism, I believe in human rights for all!!!”

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