Felice Herrig First UFC Fighter To Question UFC’s And Other People Of Powers, Involvement With Keaton Jones

Over the course of just a few days, young viral sensation Keaton Jones went from worldwide hero to controversial young man. It’s an unfortunate twist to what started as a heartfelt story that brought many people together for a singular cause. Now, in the midst of controversy, UFC star Felice Herrig is questioning whether the UFC, Dana White and their fighters should withdraw their support of Keaton.

In the past few days, thanks to a viral Joe Schilling video, Keaton’s mother was exposed as a potential racist. Not only did the mother of the viral sensation get caught posing with a confederate flag, but Schilling also revealed some racially charged text messages with the mother of the boy.

Keaton’s mom seen with a confederate flag.

Some of Joe’s personal words to the mother, which he released through text messages are, “You just used your son’s pain as a platform. Really really sad, and it’s your son that will suffer SMFH. I’m no longer interested in being involved whatsoever. Shame on you.”

The mother replied with a racially charged statement stating, “What happened to us whites sticking together and helping one another against the predator?”

Joe Schilling lost it at this point, and cussed Keaton’s mom out, “You dumb cunt. I got a viral video for your dumb ass”

Now, in another new twist that will likely keep everyone who wanted to help the boy at an arm’s length, including UFC president Dana White, we have intimate details about the boy’s father and his involvement with the White Power movement.

Keaton and friends with a confederate flag.

The main stream media reports:

But past Facebook posts indicate that Shawn White, a man who appears to be Keaton’s father, was a member of the Aryan Circle – a prison gang identified by the FBI as an “organised white supremacist group”.

A Facebook account seemingly run by Mr White contains numerous photos and other posts connecting him to the gang.

In one photo, Mr White can be seen posing with four fingers extended and his ring finger bent – a gesture identified by the Anti-Defamation League as an Aryan Circle hand sign. In another photo, Mr White can be seen posing next to a man with a swastika tattoo. One of Mr White’s own tattoos reads: “Pure Breed”.

Keaton’s father (right) and friend showing off their white pride tattoos

Also on the Facebook account is an image bearing the words: “Thank you for being apart[sic] of this family. Without you there is no us!! WE are the Arayan”. The words are set over a background reading “13” – a code for “AC” or “Aryan Circle,” according to the ADL.

A comment below another photo reads “MHICL”. According to the ADL, this is an abbreviation for the Aryan circle motto: “My Honor is Called Loyalty”.

The Facebook page also contains one photo of Keaton, from February of 2015.

The photos caused some on social media to accuse Mr White of racism, and bemoan the fundraising efforts created in the family’s name.

“In other news Keaton Jones’ father is a white supremacist doing time so I bet you all feel super good about giving that family money now,” tweeted Jamie Sugiyama.

So in the wake of all this heartache, it’s hard to disassociate young Keaton with that of his family. And sure, he’s just a boy and a product of his upbringing, and his message seemed sincere. But, how involved can the most powerful people in the world get with such controversy?

Felice Herrig is the first UFC fighter to even touch on the subject in days, and she took to her Instagram with a video highlight of the ongoing controversy.

Check it out:

“Should celebs and others reconsider their sympathy for Keaton Jones’ mother?” – Felice Herrig


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