Fighter Goes Way Too Hard, Gets Viral Status For Being Worst Sparring Partner In MMA

Mixed martial arts is a sport that takes its toll over the years. The sport demands that MMA competitors be in top shape in order to perform inside the cage. With that in mind, mixed martial artists often put themselves at great risks of injury during their scraps inside the cage. But, sometimes injury strikes before the fighter ever even makes it to their next performance.

The best mixed martial artists are perhaps the ones that determine how to train smarter, rather than simply harder. Putting in maximum effort is important, but improper training and technique can lead to career ending injuries. One such hazard is sparring practice.

Sparring is about more than simply beating down your teammate. The training is way to hone your striking skills, while offering the same lessons for your sparring partner. This MMA fighter, however, has been getting some heat over the internet for going way too hard in sparring practice.

Watch as the fighter eats an uppercut from his sparring partner and then unleashes a flurry of blows in retaliation.

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