Navy Seal Gives Away A New Year’s Beating To Challenging Internet Troll

Fight fans can sometimes be critical. As a sport that demands dedication, mixed martial arts fans can often be just as passionate about the subject as the fighters themselves. However, when this fan could not find a constructive way to vent his criticism, the individual ended up biting off a little more than he could chew.

Mitch Aguiar is a professional mixed martial artist. Beyond that, the fighter is a former Navy Seal. Still, this passionate fight fan decided to vent his frustrations at the military man that has made a career of fighting.

Taking to Instagram, Aguiar decided to publicize his recent social media confrontation with the fan. After feuding online, Aguiar and the fan decided to meet for some sparring to settle the score.

“You better show up tomorrow @duffle_bag_harvey Let’s see if you’re as tough in person as you are behind a keyboard. @deminormma and I will be waiting for you at @eastside_muaythai tomorrow at noon. If anyone else is feeling froggy, you know where I’ll be #DontBeAP**sy #YouGonnaLearnToday”

Well, the fan decided to show up and faced a beating for it. Taking to Instagram once again, the former Navy Seal decided to share a video of the sparring session and offer his thoughts on the situation.

“‘It’s a mistake to push a man to violence when violence is what the man has dedicated his life to perfecting’ …..Life lesson boys and girls: Don’t let your mouth write checks your ass can’t cash… I do respect the fact ol’ Duffle bag boy actually stepped in the ring….eventually. It’s not a coincidence or fluke that @deminormma and myself are champions. We don’t just keep getting lucky. We put in hard work and have rock solid and fierce warrior mindsets. #SmashinFrog #TheBull #TeamBullFrog #MMA #Champions #HeadedToTheTop #UFC #LetsGoChamp #WarriorMindset #MindsetIsEverything”

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