Joe Schilling Just Exposed Keaton Jones’ Mom As A Racist Who’s Using Son To Raise Money

Some very unfortunate news has come in regarding the mother of Keaton Jones, and her intentions now that her son has become a beloved viral sensation over night. Bellator MMA fighter and world-class kickboxing champion Joe Schilling has exposed Keaton’s mother as a potential racists and claims she is using her son’s new found fame for personal gain.

The fighter has leaked personal text messages and photos from the woman. Which include her endorsement of the confederate flag, a symbol of white supremacy, and with some very troubling words in the form of her personal facebook posts, text messages,  and photos.

Now, we do not want to take away from the wonderful child Keaton Jones appears to be, so let’s hope that this is all a misunderstanding.

The world has banned together for Keaton, and it would be a true shame if his own mother looked to capitalize on his new found fame for her own personal gain.

Some of Joe’s personal words to the mother, which he released through text messages are, “You just used your son’s pain as a platform. Really really sad, and it’s your son that will suffer SMFH. I’m no longer interested in being involved whatsoever. Shame on you.”

The mother replied with a racially charged statement stating, “What happened to us whites sticking together and helping one another against the predator?”

Joe Schilling lost it at this point, and cussed Keaton’s mom out, “You dumb cunt. I got a viral video for your dumb ass”

And that video can be seen above.

Shocking stuff.

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