John Makdessi Takes Out Abel Trujillo At UFC on FOX 26 | UFC Results

Winnipeg, Canada is hosting an exciting night of fights on Saturday, Dec. 16, as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is hosting UFC on FOX 26 inside the Bell MTS Place in Winnipeg, Canada. The fights are now going down on the FS1 preliminary fight card as lightweights John Makdessi and Abel Trujillo are throwing down for division supremacy.

The first round kicked off with Trujillo looking to pressure his opponent with a frequency of strikes, but Makdessi retaliated with some tough combinations of his own.

The fight faced an abrupt stop as Trujillo suffered a rough eye poke. After taking a moment to recover, the fight returned to the action.

With half of the first round having come to an end, the fighters continued to trade in the center of the octagon. Trujillo then slipped off of his feet, as the fighter was knocked down by a right hand from Makdessi.

Makdessi let the fighter back to his feet, so the two MMA warriors could return to trading shots from the stand up position. However, the fight suffered another sudden stop as Trujillo was struck with an accidental low blow from his opponent. After Trujillo was given a moment to collect himself, the fight was once again brought back to the action.

In the final moments of the round, Makdessi began to let his hands go but was countered with a strong right straight from his opponent.

Makdessi and Trujillo kicked off the second round at a slower pace, as the fighters seemed to respect each other’s power. Makdessi began to walk down his opponent and deliver a series of tough leg kicks to Trujillo’s body and lead leg.

Still, Trujillo finished the round with a swift exchange at the center of the octagon that seemed to put some damage on Makdessi.

The final round picked up the pace, as the two MMA warriors went back to trading shots. Trujillo went on to rush his opponent into the fence with a takedown attempt, but the fighter failed to get Makdessi to the ground.

In the final moments of the fight, the two MMA warriors decided to leave it all inside the octagon as the two fighters entered a final exchange.

UFC Results: John Makdessi def. Abel Trujillo via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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