Jon “Bones” Jones Finally Acknowledges The Other Jon Jones

For those in the know, this is a pretty big deal, as former UFC champion Jon “Bones” Jones just acknowledged the other Jon Jones for the very first time.

Now, if you’re unaware of another Jon Jones, the man on the right of our cover photo is named Jon Jones. He’s a video game developer who joined Twitter and grabbed the Twitter handle @JonJones before the UFC’s Jon “Bones” Jones could. This forced Jon Jones to use the handle @JonnyBones, a play on the former champ’s nickname.

However, the @JonJones is often mistaken for the embattled UFC champion’s account, and as such the video game developer is harassed daily.

He’s become a cult personality among hardcore MMA fans, even doing interviews on some of MMA’s most popular radio shows and podcasts.

One of the things that always miffed the gamer was that the former UFC light heavyweight champion has never acknowledged his existence, not even once … until now.

When a fan actually mistook our Jon Jones for the video gamer, the former UFC champion finally acknowledged his Twitter doppleganger.

Check it out:

To which Jon “Bones” Jones replied, in his first acknowledgement of the other Jones,

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