Do Leg Kicks Work In A Street Fight? Here’s The Answer

Leg kicks certainly have a place in martial arts and in the UFC Octagon. The strikes can effectively wear down you opponent, even cripple them to the point they can’t stand. The kicks can also hamper footwork, and your ability to put power in punches. However, do leg kicks have a place outside of martial arts r in the street?

Outside of the ring, cage, octagon or sparring match leg kicks are being questioned. If faced with an attacker on the streets, could you effectively defend yourself with the implementation of this particular striking strategy?

In the video below, two individuals can be seen experimenting with the concept. After repeated blows to the leg, one of the fighters faced the inability to properly stand. Without checking the strikes, the fighter was simply unable to persist.

All of this in mind, a fighter’s ability to check leg kicks is still a factor. The notion of an unintelligible opponent “bum rushing” you on the streets in an attempt to forgo striking is a potential factor. In the end, it seems to be an open topic with many possibilities. What do you think?

Check it out and decide for yourself:

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