Massive Salaries Revealed For Last Night’s Main Event, And One Male UFC Fighter Is Totally Pissed About Them

When Ultimate fighter winner Tim Elliot won his season of TUF, he did so for a chance to face the UFC’s pound for pound king in Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson. He earned the title fight, lose the chance at UFC gold, and now in the wake of last night’s TUF 26 event, that saw the first female flyweight champion crowned, he’s speaking out at the gross disparity in fighter salaries that the ladies got last night for their efforts.

For Tim, an most TUF winners, he received a contract with the UFC worth an undisclosed six-figures. The common misconception about these contracts is that the six-figures is just a life-time number, and not per fight.

For whatever reason, the UFC paid last night’s main event fighters way more than the norm, as each female earned a disclosed $100,000.00 for their main event title fight.

This upset Elliot, who apparently made nowhere near this figure when he won TUF then fought for the UFC belt, and now he’s speaking out on the topic.

Taking to twitter, Elliot stated, “So Roxanne didn’t even win the TUF show, yet she gets 100k to show and 100k to win in a title fight she was gifted. Then even if she loses she drops to 50k and 50k for her next fight. . . Man I got screwed big time (and I actually won the show) it makes sense though, the girl Roxanne is fighting is the pound for pound goat, so I get it!”

Here’s the fighter’s original message:

Tim Elliot speaks out on UFC fighter pay.

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