Melvin Guillard Pulls A Knife On UFC Fighter, After Trash-Talk Turns Violent

Longtime UFC veteran Melvin Guillard was once one of MMA’s scariest 155 pound athletes at one point in time. However, he would go on to let outside distractions get the better of him, and as of late has lost most of his shine. In videos that surfaced online this year, we see just how far Guillard will go when his pride is on the line, even pulling a knife on a UFC fighter when a street situation escalated.

Embattled as much as Jon Jones, Guillard now represents one of the biggest falls from grace in the sport’s history. He’s still active though, and causing a scene on the bare knuckle boxing circuit.

Fellow UFC vets Shonnie Carter and Wes Sims were on scene recently and filmed Guillard in a street fight, threatening his foe with a blade.

Check out the videos:

Posted by Shonie Carter on Sunday, April 23, 2017

The beef then got taken outside, where things escalated:

Finally Melvin met Jimmy…..

Posted by Wes Sims on Friday, April 21, 2017

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