Brendan Schaub Reveals The Real Reason GSP Won’t Defend The Belt

The question on everyone’s mind lately is what is truly going to be next for UFC the now former middleweight champion George St-Pierre. And if you’re Brendan Schaub you think you may know the real reason why GSP is not going to defend his belt.

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre returned to action after four-years in retirement to reclaim UFC gold, in the division above where he spent his entire career. GSP made short work of Michael Bisping in their UFC 217 title fight, and became the fourth man in history to capture UFC titles in two different divisions.

Now, GSP has vacated his belt in an unprecedented move, and Schaub believes it’s because GSP doesn’t want to face elite competition anymore.

“I call bullshit!” said former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub, taking to his own podcast.

“I know it sounds like I’m a hater on GSP. I think the game plan was to always go after Bisping. If Bisping never rocked out Luke Rockhold on eight days notice, I don’t think GSP makes a comeback. I think it was the perfect dance partner. The perfect situation for Georges to come back get a title at 85 and then get out.

“I think this is an excuse man. I’m not buying it.” 

… ” I think it gives him a long layoff, to see maybe if he can cut to 70 and do a super fight against Conor McGregor, which is what they want to do. He has no desire to fight Woodley. He has no desire to fight Whittaker at all.”

… “Let’s be real, you don’t want to fight anyone, especially at middleweight.”

Here’s Schaub’s full set of comments on the issue.

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