Joe Rogan: ‘UFC Fighters Are Lucky Lebron James Doesn’t Want To Take On MMA’

What would happen if an elite-level athlete at the level of NBA champion Lebron James entered the UFC’s Octagon trained in the martial arts? If you’re Joe Rogan, you believe that the rest of the UFC roster would be ‘f*cked,’ and he stated as much during a recent podcast.

The UFC has seen some of the highest caliber athletes in the world compete in the octagon. Athletes of the best pedigrees. Olympic medalists, former boxing champions, Brazilian jiu jitsu world champs, and many more have all made the transition to mixed martial arts.  Some have ha a lot of success like Henry Cejudo who is now a top tier UFC flyweight contender.

In the world of athletics there are athletes, and then there are “athletes”, and Joe Rogan points out that Lebron might just be a cut above the rest.

It’s an interesting take from the longtime UFC commentator.

Check it out:

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