FOX Analyst Says USADA Is A Corrupt Organization

FOX analyst Max Kellerman is making headlines again, this time for calling the UFC drug testers at USADA corrupt.

The popular combat sports analyst makes his case with insider information on the super-fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.

It’s a long winded rant, and if you want to watch it all, be our guest, the video is below.

Explaining what he knows about the boxing super-fight, Kellerman stated, “So, after Manny Pacquiao was denied a toradol shot in his shoulder, it later came out that Floyd Mayweather was given a retroactive exemption for a shot to rehydrate him with vitamins and fluids. That was later disputed by USADA. The governing body in terms of the drug testing. In terms of this fight, they were contracted.”

“USADA is 10x more expensive than WADA… Either USADA is totally incompetent, or they’re corrupt.”

USADA started testing UFC fighters in and out of competition in 2016. Th organization has caught several UFC fighters taking banned substances.

According to Kellerman, USADA, despite their success inside the UFC, have never caught a boxer cheating. He says their competitors at WADA have. He points to this gross disparity as a sign of corruption among the ranks.

Floyd Mayweather calls the drug testing program the “Gold standard of drug testing”, and the UFC stands behind their work.

Still though, with so many fighters getting popped on the UFC roster, Kellerman’s argument is interesting.

Here’s his full argument:

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