With No Fights Booked, Nate Diaz Proudly Holds Up $30,000.00 Worth Of His Marijuana

UFC mega-star Nate Diaz may be sitting idle on the UFC sidelines, but during his time off he’s thoroughly enjoying life. One of the cannabis industries most outspoken advocates is all about the smoke, so much so that in a new photo Nate Diaz can be seen proudly holding up approximately $30,000.00 in marijuana.

Currently the market for high-grade top-shelf pot is in the ballpark of $5,000.00 per pound in the state of California, sometimes, super premium weed can even exceed this benchmark price.

Knowing what we know about Nate, he’ not smoking any stress, so the bags, which appears to be at least six-pounds of greenery, have to be the cream of the crop regarding quality and potency. This puts the estimated value of what Nate is clinging onto to be around $30k.

Check it out:

Nate Diaz holding $30k of marijuana.

Recently Nate Diaz was brought back in the mix of rumors when Tyron Woodley revealed to the world that the UFC had offered the two a fight. Nate remained silent on the subject entirely, but Woodley never waivered in his pursuit of a fight with the super-star.

UFC president Dana White would later reveal that Woodley’s statements were false, and that Diaz vs. Woodley was never on the table.

This resulted in Nate Diaz  finally breaking his silence on the subject, and blasting the UFC president in an Instagram post gone viral.

“Shutup bitch. Your both thirsty ….And why is u lying,” said the post.

Shutup bitch. Your both thirsty …. And why is u lying ?

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Currently there is no timeline for a Nate Diaz return to the Octagon. So, if you want to see Nate, you’re better off tuning into his social media and heading out to one of his marijuana meet and greets.

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