Navy Veteran Saves The Day, Defends His Girl From Violent Attacker With Ease

A video of a rather unusual and unfortunate incident has made its way onto the internet. This time around, the internet is being taken by storm of a video involving a Navy veteran entering a physical altercation with his neighbor.

A rather disgruntled neighbor allegedly struck the Navy veteran’s significant other in the face. However the neighbor claims to have only hit the woman’s phone, not her face. However, the man can later be heard taunting the Navy veteran “I hit your chick and that’s all you got?”

After the neighbor entered his home, the Navy veteran walked outside to retrieve his pet dog. However, the neighbor quickly returned to entice another confrontation with the man.

After being shoved by the individual, the Navy veteran retaliated with a left hand that put the man on the ground. Still, the Navy veteran followed up the strike with kicks to his potentially unconscious neighbor before returning to his home with his dog.

The entire incident can be seen in the video above.

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