Never Forget! That Time Luke Rockhold Tried To Represent Stockton, Failed Miserably

Luke Rockhold has put on a storied career in the sport of mixed martial arts. That being said, the former title holder is remembered for more than his performances inside the octagon.

While neither former UFC middleweight champion Luke Rockhold or lightweight contender Nate Diaz competed in at UFC 209, both received a little spotlight from the stands.

The two fighters can be seen watching the fight from the Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena in the video above, enjoying their spot among fight fans.

When fighters and celebrities get caught in UFC event camera shots it is often a simple moment. The celebrity winks at the camera, makes a smile and the event moves on. Sometimes the camera can linger for a tad too long, then things can get awkward. Watch Luke Rockhold awkwardly glance at the camera, as Nate Diaz plays it cool to the final frame. It’s okay, Rockhold. Even champions have their moments.

The former UFC middleweight champion toughed it out, as Diaz continued to show off his comfortably cool demeanor to the camera. Rockhold’s awkward moment has since become an infamous moment for the former champion, one for all of the MMA community to remember.

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