Stipe Miocic Explains Why He Won’t Talk Trash, And It’s The Sweetest Reason Ever

UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic is on a dominant winning streak within world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion. As the dominant heavyweight title holder, Miocic is perhaps one of the most dangerous people on the planet from inside a cage. That being said, the fighter recently revealed that he has no interest in harming his opponents any more than necessary, especially emotionally, when outside of the octagon.

Miocic recently took the time to sit down with longtime UFC commentating veteran Joe Rogan on the podcast Joe Rogan Experience. During the interview Miocic offered his opinion on a score of topics, one of which was the act of promoting and trash-talking.

Miocic explained that he does not like to promote and that he would rather spend his mental efforts other things. The heavyweight champion then revealed that he also dislikes trash-talking, as the fighter has no interest in hurting the feelings of his opponents.

For the UFC champ, he believes that promotions of fights and the fighters is the responsibility of the UFC, stating, “I don’t know. I’m not going to promote myself. You guys are a promoting company, that’s what you’re supposed to do. You guys do that… If someone came at me, of course I’m going to defend myself. I’m pretty witty. But I have other stuff to worry about than what I’m going to tweet today.”

Whatever Miocic’s thoughts are on trash-talking, the champion will have a lot on his hands come Jan. 20, 2018. UFC 220 will be going down inside the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. During the live pay-per-view event, Stipe Miocic is set to defend his title from rising knockout artist Francis Ngannou. Ngannou has yet to be defeated inside the octagon, having most recently earning a stunning knockout victory over top contender Alistair Overeem.

Here’s a clip from Stipe’s time with Joe.

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