Tim Kennedy Ready To Jump Out Of A Plane And Gut The F*ck Out Of Colby Covington Star Wars Spoiler

Certified war hero and top UFC veteran Tim Kennedy is busy saving the world from terror right now. The last thing this certified killer wants to do is hop on Twitter to see what happened in the next Star Wars movie, while there’s not a movie theater in sight. Taking to TMZ, Kennedy explains just how far he’s willing to go to seek vengeance for a Star Wars spoiler. Let’s just say it involves jumping out of a plane, and gutting the f*ck out of a man with his combat knife.

Yesterday UFC welterweight Colby Covington hit a new low, ruining the highly anticipated film for hundreds of thousands of Twitter users.

If he wasn’t the most hated man in MMA, he is now. However it’s not the good kind of self promoting heat he’s received, it’s the kind that makes you never want to see him again.

Here’s Tim’s response with explanation of what he’s going to do, and how he’s going to do it.

Check it out:

Now here’s those fighter reactions to Covington’s new low:

“Ladies like to f*ck jedis tho” – Julie Kedzie

“DUDE… forget the title shot you’ll never get, for tying to spoil #starwars im gonna drop to 170 to beat your boring ass.” –  Sam Alvey

“he’s gonna be a pos I’ll whoop him for free” – Sam Alvey

“You know you’re an asshole if you can piss off @smilensam get em bro” – Alex Nicholson

“You mess up my #starwars you will feel pain. #sniper” – Tim Kennedy

“You’re a fucking asshole and this is coming from a long time fan.” – Zombie Prophet

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