UFC Fighters React To L.A. Being on Fire

The wildfires in Los Angeles, Calif. have thousands upon thousands of the state’s countryside. In Ventura county, over 65,000 acres of land have been scorched by the fires. Over 12, 000 structures have been threatened as more than 1,700 firefighters are working effortlessly to tame the flames. Now some of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s top competitors have decided to come forward with their thoughts on the situation.

Taking to Twitter, Carla Esparza let her thoughts be known. The fighter’s mother’s work has been evacuated.

“Fires have been totally crazy in CA lately!My moms work totally got evacuated, thankfully she’s safe home. Hope everyone is ok?? #thomasfire”

MMA veteran Kenny FLorian then let his thoughts be known, offering his hope for those affected by the disaster.

“These fires in SoCal are absolutely frightening. Hoping that everyone in the danger zones respect these warnings and are able to get out safe.”

Alan Jouban decided to share footage from near the Getty Museum with his fight fans.

“It’s crazy to see parts of LA burning like this! This is a repost from last night just near the Getty museum. Just passed this area this morning and “most” of this fire is out, but you could still see houses burning down on top the hill. Very sad to think of completely losing your home. Stay safe!”

Jessica “Evil” Eye decided to offer her prayers to those dealing with the fires.

“Prayers for Cali !!”

Longtime UFC commentating veteran Joe Rogan also offered his thoughts on the matter. Going to Instagram, the color-commentator stated:

“LA is on fire and the wind is blowing like crazy. Sketchy times indeed. Stay safe, friends! #Repost @barstoolsports”