Look Out UFC Flyweights, Valentina Confirms She’s Dropping Down For That Belt

UFC’s Valentina Shevchenko suffered a tough loss back at UFC 215. Facing off against her for the second time, Shevchenko went toe-to-toe with UFC bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes for her title. However, once again, the fighter faced a loss to the champion. Now Shevchenko is looking to try her luck in the UFC’s new flyweight division.

Speaking on The MMA Hour, as provided by MMA Fighting, the fighter revealed that she is looking to earn the flyweight title.

“Of course, to me it’s number one to fight for the title again, but now at 125. It doesn’t matter to me if i have to have one fight before it. I will do it. But my main goal is to be the champion. It doesn’t matter. i moved from 135 to 125, my goal is still the same — to be the champion.”

Speaking on her decision to change divisions, the fighter added:

“I feel like fighting with the same-sized opponents, I will be able to show more technique from me and more skills. This is what i want to show, a beautiful fight, beautiful technique and good heart.”

Valentina Shevchenko then offered a few words on the possibility of returning for another match up with Amanda Nunes.

“Of course, it’s on my mind every time. We have unfinished business with Amanda. But now, my focus is 125 and after I sure 100 percent that we will come back and speak with her again.”

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