UFC Octagon Girl Goes Viral For Real Life Deformed Hand You Probably Never Knew About

UFC Ring Girls

Oddly enough, despite being a world class beauty one of the fan favorite UFC ring girls, Logan Stanton’s tenure with the UFC was cut short, and not long after the video above of her deformed hand went viral.

The professional model and card holder was often considered the successor to Arianny’s throne. However, some controversial remarks to the media was all it took for the UFC to release her from her contract.

Now, we’re not saying her minor imperfection had any bearing on the UFC’s decision to cut he loose, but it was an interesting development in an otherwise beloved UFC staple’s story.

In the video above, you can see just how misshaped her hand really is, and despite a global modeling career, until this clip went viral, no one knew what she was dealing with.

We’ve included some of her professional photo shoot images so you can see how well this deformed beauty hides her blemish from the world.

Check it out her photos with other UFC ring girls:

Logan Stanton, one of the famous UFC ring girls

UFC Ring Girls, Logan Stanton.

Logan Stanton, one of the many UFC ring girls

Logan Stanton, one of the hot UFC ring girls

Logan Stanton, one of the UFC ring girls

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