Viral King Dan Bilzerian Offered Half A Million Dollars To Make MMA Debut

Dan Bilzerian offered big money to fight in MMA.

Dan Bilzerian is a professional poker player. However, the trust fund recipient largely gained popularity through his vast empire of Instagram followers. From the social media platform, the poker player has earned a hoard of fans for his numerous posts concerning his latest worldly adventures. Bilzerian has since revealed that he is fascinated with the realm of mixed martial arts. The man has been a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) since the promotion’s inception. As a hardcore fight fans, Bilzerian is even interested in taking on a professional fight under MMA rules. Now it would appear that the professional poker player has received a challenge to make his MMA debut.

Michael FortinDemes is a private investor that is seemingly interesting in getting Bilzerian inside the cage. Taking to Twitter, FortinDemes revealed that he is willing to put $500,000 on the line to fight the professional poker player in a mixed martial arts match up. The offer has yet to be picked up by any promotions.

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