Watch Nate Diaz Beat The Absolute Snot Out Of A Pro Boxer, Makes His Face Unrecognizable

Very few pro-boxers have made a successful transition into MMA, UFC veteran and former welterweight contender Marcus Davis was one of them. And in the midst of his UFC dominance, he ran into a young Nate Diaz, who took the man out with hands only, and beat him so bad he was unrecognizable.

Of course, Nate Diaz would eventually go on to be an absolute mega star of the highest order, currently holding the UFC’s #1 and #2 most bought pay-per-views of all time.

He’s also the only man to defeat Conor McGregor inside the UFC.

Nate is a lock for legend status, and it’s performances like this that got him there.

Check it out:

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