Watch Nate Diaz Punk An Entire House Of Fighters For Dissing His Team

UFC mega-star Nate Diaz has never been scared, Homie! And even way back before he was a household name, before he choked out Conor McGregor in a record breaking pay-per-view main event, Nate Diaz was punking an entire house of fighters for dissing his team.

With his brother Nick already a bonafide UFC star, Nate Diaz creeped his way into our hearts through the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter show.

He ended up winning the entire season with relative ease, for his team, Team Jens Pulver, and he was proud to represent!

During the show, Nate felt disrespected by his team’s rival, after Rob Emerson wrote some defamatory words on their wall. Nate reacted to the incident, ready to fight everyone in the house. However, in the end Rob went out and cleaned up his mess to avoid any further problems.

Check it out:

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