Chilling Footage Released Moments Before Models Gym Death

23-year-old Molly McLaren was found dead in a gym parking lot with multiple stab wounds. Joshua Stimpson, alleged perpetrator, was caught on camera inside the gym with McLaren just minutes before her death.

Joshua Stimpson is an ex-boyfriend to Molly McLaren, having been spotted entering the gym as McLaren was working out. As reported by, the man began working out beside McLaren, before the woman decided to approach him.

The two individuals held a brief discussion, before Stimpson departed from the gym carrying a bag allegedly containing two knives, and a pickaxe. McLaren was caught on footage days earlier purchasing the alleged murder weapon, a knife found by the victim’s body.

Joshua Stimpson, who was found in the same bloodied singlet at the scene, has since plead to manslaughter.

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