Chinese Billionaire Offers $1.5 Million To Any Man Who Can Beat His Fighter

Xu Xiaodong

Mixed martial artist Xu Xiaodong has sparked a debate in the martial arts world. The MMA fighter faced off against Tai Chi master Wei Lei in a bout dedicated to pitting the classic martial art against the modernized fighting technique of a trained MMA competitor. Unfortunately for the Tai Chi master, Xu Xiaodong put on a swift and dominant performance over his opponent.

Nate Diaz landing on Conor McGregor.

Wei Lei was immediately put on his back foot and left peddling away from the powerful strikes of his opponent, before falling to the ground and suffering brutal ground and pound from the MMA athlete. The match was then quickly called to a stop. But, things did not entirely come to end for Xu Xiaodong.

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz go toe-to-toe in an octagon war

As reported by, multi-billionaire Chen Sheng is offering a staggering $1.5 million sum to any traditional martial artist that can defeat Xiaodong.

Holly Holm head kick KO's Bethe Correia.

Speaking on the matter, Sheng said “I want him to understand, he used this kind of extreme method to provoke Chinese traditional culture, and will need to pay the price.”

Check out Xiaodong’s battle against Wei Lei in the video above.

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