Chuck Liddell Without The Goatee Emerges Again, Looks Shockingly Different

Blue flame shorts, knockouts and a goatee. These are the symbols we associate with Chuck Liddell. Now, seemingly overnight, we’ve lost all three.

The Blue Fame shorts retired long ago, and the Chuck Liddell knockout streak retired even longer ago. Now, Chuck has opted for a new look in 2018, and shaved his face of his infamous “Iceman” goatee.

Chuck Liddell is one of the men responsible for putting the UFC on the map. He was the long reigning champion of the Marquee division, knocked out everyone in his path, and was exciting as hell to watch.

“The Iceman” was able to use very effective takedown defense, to keep fights standing and knock men out with his vicious punching power.

One day, Rampage Jackson entered the UFC and put Chuck away, and the end of the Liddell era started.

Now, at almost 50 years old, Chuck has changed his entire look around.

Check it out: