D.C. Effectively Uses Image Of His K.O. Loss, To Annihilate Volkan On Twitter

Overnight UFC 220 co-headliner Volkan Oezdemir popped off some shots and the UFC light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, ahead of next week’s UFC co-main event.

Using a side-by-side image, that included Daniel Cormier’s one and only stoppage loss, Volkan was likely grinning from behind the screen, thinking he had just landed the roast of the century.

Instead, Daniel Cormier was effective in turning the insult around on Volkan, and re-shared the challenger’s message, citing his lack of fame in the fire-back.

Volkan’s original post:

#TBT #UFC214 #NoTime ?

A post shared by Volkan Oezdemir (@volkan_oezdemir) on

And D.C.’s turnaround:

Savage post @volkan_oezdemir but since no one knows or follows you I’ll send it out to the public. 3000 likes for such a good post seems like a waste. quick point tho you’re no Jon Jones and I’m no jimmy Manuwa. And I’m a lot better than Kelly Amunson #tapmachine #bum #ufc220

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