Details Revealed On When Miesha Met Her New Man, And It Was In front Of Our Face This Whole Time

Last week former UFC champion Miesha Tate announced she as pregnant with Ultimate Fighter contestant Johnny Nunez’s baby. This was the first public acknowledgement that she broke up with longtime boyfriend Bryan Caraway, and the first public statement on her new relationship.

Tate has long been one of MMA’s most beloved females, and she was announcing motherhood and that she’s officially off the market.

Many nosey fans want to know though, how this new found love came to be.

Luckily there are men for that, who can answer these questions for us, and they have.

The guys at PureEvil MMA, remind us of Johnny’s season of the Ultimate fighter. He went winless in the house, despite being able to fight twice, but he left that season the biggest winner of all.

It was in front of our faces the whole time, as Miesha would enter the TUF house and flirt with Nunez, and notably while she was still with Bryan Caraway.

After a new review of this season’s Miesha Tate appearances, these guys break it down, and we think they’ve figured it out.

Was Miesha Tate cheating on Caraway? Anything’s possible.

Check out their breakdown: