Doctors Tell Straus He May Never Walk Again, And He Has A Clear Message For Them

Daniel Straus

Former two-time Bellator champion Daniel Straus suffered a debilitating motorcycle accident in Dec. of 2017. The full extent of the former title holder’s injuries was not known at the time of the accident and Straus had no recollection of the event. Now, a new report on the fighter’s well-being has made its way to the internet.

A new message concerning his health has been offered by the former Bellator champion, as Straus has revealed that he has been informed by his doctors that he may never walk again. However, Straus has a message for those that doubt he will ever stand and move by his own will.

Taking to Instagram, the following message has been offered by Straus.

“2 days after the doc tells you, you ‘might’ not walk again #F*ckYouBuddy #TheShowJustStarted #Blessed
(Thank you everyone for your support, prayers, and love) #TeamStraus #2018” – Daniel Straus

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