EA UFC Makes Sage Northcutt Character Without Sage’s Muscles Or Smile … And It’s Truly Shocking!

UFC lightweight star “Super” Sage Northcutt has quickly become one of the most popular fighters on the entire roster, and it feels like it happened over night. Northcutt has fallen twice while inside the octagon, with his first loss coming at the hands of Bryan Barberena and his second defeat against Mickey Gall.

There are a few things you get when talking about Sage Northcutt. One, is his bubbly and sweetly positive personality.

UFC lightweight contender "Super" Sage Northcutt

The other is his impeccable genetics, that lead to his rock hard and massively shredded physique. He’s gifted that way.

For some odd reason though, the folks over in the EA UFC design department didn’t give us the real Sage in their new video game, and it’s shocking to see.

No matter if his fights come out to be a win, lose, or draw, there is no doubt that Northcutt is more shredded that anybody that steps into the octagon with him. While that may not be an important aspect of the fight, it’s hard to ignore that he is in ridiculously good shape and the fact that the developers over at EA Games ignored that detail is insane.

Sage Northcutt is always smiles

So, here’s a screen shot of his shocking character reveal. And sure, EA UFC doesn’t always get it perfect, but have they ever been so wrong?

"Super" Sage Northcutt without any muscles, thanks to EA UFC.

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