Emotional Video Of Dana White Meeting The Little Girl He Saved Emerges

Just this week UFC president Dana White was enjoying some much needed vacation time in Phuket Thailand. While there, he visited a young girl whose life he literally saved by donating $50,000 for an organ transplant eight years ago. Now, there’s video of the visit.

In an emotional charged video, we get to see what a great guy Dana White is when he’s not dealing with the baddest men, and women, on the planet.

Dana puts down his UFC Presidential duties, and spends some one on one time with the little girl who he saved.

When asked about the visit, Dana White called saving the girl, the best thing he’s ever done in his entire life.

UFC veteran Mike Swick shares a video of the visit, and we know you’ll love it.

Check it out:

UFC.com described Dana White’s recent visit to Thailand for the girl’s whose life he saved as:

In 2010 UFC president Dana White caught word of a baby girl in Phuket, Thailand in need of a liver transplant. Tuptim Jadngooluem is the daughter of former World Muay Thai world champion, Rattanachai Jadngooluem. Jadngooluem is a coach at Tiger Muay Thai, which has several connections to the UFC, including Jake Shields, Phil Baroni and former TUF contestant Ray Elbe

When White heard of the $50,000 surgery Tuptim required he stepped up and provided the remaining cost of the surgery after some fund-raising had been done.

Now, nearly eight years later, White ventured back to Phuket to visit Tuptim.

In a recent interview with Yahoo’s Kevin Iole, White talks about the the experience. You can listen at the 3:19 mark of the below video. (Already timestamped for your convenience)

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