The Only Female Bryan Caraway’s Been Spotted With Since The Miesha Break Up Revealed

Top UFC bantamweight contender Bryan Caraway is most known for his longtime relationship with former UFC champion Miesha Tate.

The two were once an inseparable force, that always appeared on fight night, and even The Ultimate Fighter hand in hand.

Nowadays, Miesha Tate has moved on, and now in a relationship with her new man, revealed that she’s pregnant with her first child.

Parenthood seemed never on the radar when Tate with with Caraway, but the right man apparently came along at the right time, and forever took the UFC star off the market.

Now, after several months absent from any type of female presence, Caraway has emerged with a woman for the first time since his break up with Tate.

And while this photo does not indicate a new relationship has brewed for the UFC fighter, at least he’s keeping good company.

Plucked from his social media, Caraway describes the woman as his hair dresser. An interesting choice to post on his mostly inactive social media accounts.

Check it out:

Has he too moved on?