Fighters Enter Three Round Brawl | Bellator Results

Bellator MMA is hosting an exhilarating night of fights on Saturday, Jan. 20, inside The Forum in Inglewood, Calif. Fight fans are now pouring into the arena, as the event’s main card is now set to go down.

Kicking off the main card, featherweights Georgi Karakhanyan and Henry Corrales are throwing down for division dominance.

The round kicked off at fast pace, as the two mixed martial arts warriors entered a brawl in the center of the cage.

Karakhanyan consistently returned to using his right hand with power shots in the exchanges with Corrales. However, Corrales continued to retaliate with big counters that seemed to get the best of the fighter.

The crowd began to roar as the two mixed martial arts warriors continued to trade shots all the way to the bell.

The second round opened up with Karakhanyan walking down his opponent, trying for a takedown on Corrales. However, Corrales was able to stuff the attempt, as the fighter was forced into the fence.

Halfway through the round, Karakhanyan struggled to get the best of his opponent from the ground after pulling the fighter into his guard. Corrales began to pummel the fighter with ground and pound, before Karakhanyan managed to make it back to his feet.

With 30 second left in the round, the two fighters began trading shots in the center of the cage.

The final round kicked off with Karakhanyan and Corrales entering a short exchange before Corrales managed to take his opponent to the canvas.

Corrales permitted Karakhanyan back to his feet, with three minutes left in the fight. The two MMA warriors then began trading shots once again, though the fighters each appeared somewhat gassed from their brawl.

Karakhanyan managed to force his opponent against the fence in the final minute of the fight, but struggled to get the fighter to the canvas.

This one has gone the distance.

Bellator Results: Henry Corrales def. Georgi Karakhanyan via unanimous decision

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