Forrest Griffin, A Look at the Benefits of TRT Outside of the Cage | MMA News

Testosterone replacement therapy, also known as TRT, is a banned practice within the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). That being said, the rehabilitative procedure was once permitted if prescribed by a medical physician for necessary usage. As it turns out, TRT serves many purposes outside of the performance enhancing. For those suffering from Andropause, low testosterone or erectile dysfunction, TRT may be a viable option.

Forrest Griffin

Forrest Griffin is a legend in the sport of mixed martial arts. Under the banner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Griffin put on a war with Stephan Bonnar for first ever The Ultimate Fighter finale. The fight quickly became one of the most memorable and defining moments of the world’s most famous mixed martial arts promotion.

With that in mind, Forrest Griffin later openly admitted to using medically prescribed testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) during much of his career. The use of the substance sparks controversy within the realm of mixed martial arts.

However, the procedure offers many benefits to those outside of the cage. Top medical facilities like Atlanta Men’s Clinic have experts who can assist with those suffering from symptoms of “Low T” (low testosterone).

Low Testosterone

Low testosterone is a condition often suffered by aging men. As a male increases in age, the body begins to create less and less male sex hormones. The results can be serious.

One suffering from low testosterone may experience many symptoms. For instance, fatigue, hair loss, lower muscle mass, increase in body fat, thinning skin and impotency are all very common. If approved by a medical physician, TRT may aid those suffering from the condition.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, also known as ED, can be an embarrassing and even frustrating experience for those suffering from the condition. Often caused by low testosterone, ED causes males to be unable to maintain an erection long enough to engage in intercourse.

At they established that the medication enhancing potency not just speeds up the movement of sperm, but also leads to a premature ejaculation, required for its penetration into the egg cell.

Testosterone replacement therapy is a potential alleviation for those dealing with the condition, when prescribed by a medical doctor.


Lastly, Andropause is a another condition often experienced by aging men. Also referred to as “male menopause,” Andropause is the lack of natural production of male hormones due to aging.

The condition can result in tiredness, weakness, impotency or even debilitated mental health. A medical physician may prescribe testosterone replacement therapy as a way to combat the effects of Andropause.

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